22nd February 2019

Proposal To List On Canadian Exchange

Withdrawal of the listing prospectus from the OTC trading platform in USA, under advice in favour of listing on a Canadian regulated stock exchange TSX-V or Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).


8th October 2018

Cindrigo Raises Additional Funding

Investment raise 304,600 USD from existing shareholders in the form of a convertible loan, with 7% interest and conversion rights between 6months to 3 years at 33% discount to average listing price (30 day VWAP).


28th February 2018

Cindrigo Inc Reverse Takeover of Cindrigo Ltd.

Share exchange offer from Cindrigo Inc to the shareholders in Cindrigo Limited on 1:1 share, i.e. shareholders in Cindrigo Limited will receive 1 share in Cindrigo Inc in exchange for each 1 share in Cindrigo Limited. Offer was accepted resulting in that all shareholders will have the same number of shares as previously held but […]