About Cindrigo

Environmentally friendly & clean energy producer



About Cindrigo

CINDRIGO is a renewable energy company built on long historic Swedish renewable energy expertise and experience in Waste to Energy (WTE) and Biomass Energy projects. Has a long tradition of providing it clients with high quality, good life time value energy facilities, being in the forefront re; Performance, Availability and Emission level.

  • Energy Developer and Independent Power Producer (IPP) Originating from 1950’s.
  • Strong partnership with leading international EPC partner, China Western Power and Development Co. and leading patented Waste to Oil (WTO) provider, Cassandra Oil AB.
  • Building on engineering competence from the leading, well proven, Swedish technology.
  • Strong platform for international roll-out with the Objective to be owner/operator of facilities developed from own projects.

Board of Directors

j-aJörgen Andersson

Chairman, background e.g., Former Minister of Interior, Minister of Energy (Sweden) and Mayor City of Halmstad., the Board of Sydkraft (today owned by E.ON, the world’s largest private energy group) and Chairman of Vattenfall.

dagDag Andresen

With a background in the financial sector (among others responsible for the energy sector at Nordea) and the energy sector. Previously Deputy President and CFO of Vattenfall and most recently Deputy President of Vestas.


Lars Guldstrand                                                                                                         

Mr. Guldstrand has more than 30 years of executive experience and international investing experience from the energy, technology, telecom and media sector. During his career, Mr. Guldstrand has held executive positions in a number of private and public companies in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Africa.

bo-tBo Thorén




Christer Grundström

Director, education from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm within Real Estate & Building Technique. With a business background as independent investor in multiple areas, primarily with focus on the Real Estate, SME investments and the stock market.

Chairman of the Board of BiogasProm AB, the largest shareholder and also Cindrigos local partner in Ukraine. BiogasProm is an independent Swedish-based strategy, engineering and consulting firm established in 2008, focusing on the Energy and IT/Technology sector in Eastern Europe.

Mustaq A Patel

Commercial Director, Legal and Financial advisor with a background in mergers and acquisitions international business development structuring and project finance.

Mr Adam was previously the Head of Legal & Corporate Affairs for Petromir, one of the world’s largest gas fields (Angaro-Lenskoye field) in the East Siberian region of Russia